Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hidden and Disguised Firearms

OK, before we get started. Most of these are most likely illegal. Very illegal. Like "10 to 20 for possession" illegal. I wish to highly discourage you from attempting to acquire or manufacture firearms like these. Unless you are an asshole, in which case, have fun in the State penitentiary. Most of these weapons would also, in practice, not be very useful. Some of them might very well be dangerous to the person firing them.

This is a folding knife with a essentially barrelless single shot .22 attached. It is fired by pulling the tab on the back of the grip and letting it go. With no barrel to speak of, no sights, and the fact that it is a .22, why not just stab them?
Verdict: Useless.

This is the H&K Mp5K in a specially built briefcase. I don't know for sure, but I doubt that H&K built the case. They are too smart for that. It does have mechanism for firing the weapon while it is inside. However, holding it like a regular briefcase and firing without sights, combined with the high rate of fire of the MP5K, I imagine you would be out of ammo before you figured out that you hadn't hit anything. Here is a video of it in action.

In some other video, you can see that by holding it horizontal and using tracers, you can kind of walk it onto a target, but still I have to say:
Verdict: Awesome, but not all that effective.

Here we have another .22 single shot, hidden inside a mini Maglight this time. The construction of this one seems to be of a higher quality than some of the weapons we are looking at today, and unlike some of its peers, this one would actually pass as something other than a cheaply made zipgun. I believe this gun was made by ARES Defense.
Verdict: Might make a decent gun, but a waste of a good flashlight.

This is a 5 shot, 5 barrel cell phone gun from Europe. Thank these assholes for having to have your phone scanned at the airport. Chambered in .22 to avoid the whole thing splitting in half, the news articles from a few years ago when these were first found said that they were fired by pressing 3 buttons at once. You, know, like when you put it in your pocket. The cell phone gun may be the most dangerous on the list so far, as it has decent power (5 .22 bullets at 1200 fps all at once could be quite deadly) and it actually looks like a real phone, lights up and everything, and since everyone has a phone, you could get close to someone without any undue suspicion.
Verdict: Usable, but for assholes.

This is a pen gun seized from a Mexican drug lord recently. It is chambered in .22 and pictured with it we see several .22 Short bullets and 1 subsonic .22 LR. One problem with this is that it doesn't really look like a pen very much. Certainly not enough to fool someone. So why don't you just carry a real gun? There are a whole lot of different pen guns, and I would probably not fire any of them unless someone did it before me. They are mostly made by idiots and rely on less than reliable systems. It looks like this one is fired by pulling back the knob and letting it go. You know, like what would happen when you put the thing in your pocket.
Verdict: Bad Idea and Useless.

This is Sedgley glove gun from WWII. It was developed for the OSS, which was one of the forerunners of the CIA. It was chambered in .38 and fired by pressing the plunger into someone. This thing looks like something made by my miscreant friends and I when we were 12. It is also the only gun I've ever heard of that needs to be in contact with the target to work. If you are that close, hitting them with a rock would probably work just as good.
Verdict: Dangerous. (For the guy wearing it)

Here we have a 12 gauge Mossberg that has been inserted into a Supersoaker water gun. Pretty smart, although I wouldn't be surprised if the watergun flew into pieces when you fire the shotgun. A nice touch was the orange "non-lethal" pistol grip on the shotgun.
Verdict: Well, If it was a that good an idea, it wouldn't be in a police evidence room.

This is one of the many versions of the folding submachine gun. Some have been made by Ares and there are pics of a prototype from Magpul. You might think this one is junk like most of the rest of them, but it is an actual production weapon, made in a factory, not a garage or basement. Weapons like this have been famously used by the US Secret Service and that mean little kid in Robocop 2. (a classic)
Verdict: Neat and Useful

If memory serves, this credit card gun was made in Minnesota by AFT, Inc., and as you can see, fires small .177 BBs. Which are way too small to be very effective. It functions as a muzzle loader, requiring the user to measure out powder and tamp it in with a paper patch and then the BBs. It also is way to thick to actually be mistaken for a credit card, unless the person in question is just as thick.
Verdict: Amusing, but Useless.


  1. I like the "Nokitel" branding on the phone. "Sure, we'll make a concealed weapon that would never work as a defensive weapon and is probably illegal in most countries, but damned if we'll infringe on a trademark!"

  2. The Sedgley glove gun from WWII can be seen in use in the movie Inglorius Basturds with Brad Pit during the movie theater fire scene near the end.

  3. The Glove Gun was not designed as an assassination device but was to be used by the U. S. Navy Seabees (Construction Battalions) in the Pacific Theatre. Designed in left-and-right pairs and mounted on heavy work gloves, the concept was that during use, a heavy-equipment operator was essentially unarmed. Wearing a pair of glove guns gave the operator the ability to fend off an attack by a Japanese soldier if he was "jumped" while driving his machinery. The normal reaction would be for a person to punch his assailant and, in the case of the glove gun, discharge a .38 round into his enemy.

  4. I don't get your derision of homemade weapons - sure if you're a constable, of course you don't like to see these in the hands of degenerates - if someone has the smarts to design and manufacture these on his own, he is not a degenerate - the person he sells them to just might be a degenerate though.

  5. I think all these guns are cool. But, many of them are seriously flawed from a design point of view. Furthermore, things like this tend to be used by nefarious characters, which helps to erode my gun rights, something I take very seriously. I would like to have any of these in my collection, but you can fire them first.

  6. Don't fool yourself .22LR is deadly

  7. Moron.. that knife gun is a .45 acp.. get your facts straight.

  8. No, it sure isn't. But thanks for being an insufferable asshole.