Sunday, January 10, 2010

Military Technology- GLARE LA-9/P

This is a new item being tested and evaluated by the USMC. It is called the GLARE LA-9/P. it is apparently classified as a "ocular interruption device". The GLARE is visible and effective up to 2.5 miles. It is classified as a less than lethal weapon, although personally, I wouldn't be surprised if this thing would give you eye-cancer. The LA-9/P is listed as a 250 milliwatt laser and is made by BE Myers. My quite insufficient wikipedia research tells me that it would likely fall into the Class IIIb/3B lasers which can cause immediate severe eye damage upon exposure. These are usually lasers up to 500 mW, such as those in CD and DVD writers. Note that it seems the housing states that the laser is eyesafe at 62.9 meters. According to the manufacturer, there is a safety that automatically deactivates the laser if a target is within the danger zone (the nominal ocular hazard distance or NOHD). So that is nice.

Above it is mounted on a folding stock for a Ruger. That's also nice, because those are about $85.00, and if we let the "military-industrial complex" make one, it would probably cost at least $450.00. I'm all about keeping costs down. It is powered by AA and 123 batteries, which are pretty easy to acquire anywhere, although the 123s can be expensive little bastards.

One possible use for a weapon of this type, is that of a long range warning device. The HBO miniseries Generation Kill showed that the Marines had a difficult time warning civilians and refugees to stop at roadblocks, sometimes with unfortunately fatal results. A device like this is clearly visible for long ranges and could be used to force a car to stop well short of the range where they could injure friendlies. Of course, it also might cause you to drive into a ditch.

As seen below, it could also be used for signaling and hailing, especially for ship to ship or airborne overwatch needs.

GLARE LA-9/P > Model No. 532C-LA-9/P

NSN Number: 5860-01-544-7175
Output Power (Visible): 250 mW
Wavelength: 532 nm (green)
Visible Beam Diverg. (Degrees): .29°
Power Supply: 4 AA & 1 Type 123
Dimensions: 10.25 x 1.75 x 2.25 in
Weight (With Batteries): 20.5 oz
NOHD: 63m (10 s exposure)
Effective Range (Hail & Warning): 300m (Day) - 4 km (Night)
1913 Rail Mount Available: Yes

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  1. Lasers also present a new problem in warfare - scatter. When the laser strikes a hard surface it scatters in many different directions - in some cases, for miles.

    This is said to have the unintended consequence of subjecting civilians far away from the hot zone to dangerous radiation.