Monday, February 1, 2010

Australian Gun Identification Chart

There has been a lot in the "Firearms Media" about Australia and their efforts to eradicate private ownership of firearms. Many people seem to believe that crime has increased since the ban has been enacted. I just find the idea of all those beautiful old Enfields being crushed and burned so sad. I would be happy to buy them straight from the Australian Government for $180.00 a piece, they could spend the money on gun control efforts. Everyone would be happy. Other than the Australian former gun owners.


  1. Hear hear.
    Criminals will keep armed no matter what the law, and will often be better armed than the police.

    However, criminals are mostly cowards and will avoid attacking someone who MIGHT be armed, even if it is assault rifle to black-powder dueling pistol.

  2. No such thing as criminal and legal, thats all in your mind, theres just the guy with one and the guy without one. Most coppers I've met, and I've met plenty make most crooks look like gentlemen, for the very least not bull shiting they're spotless Saviours of the peace when they actually serve something inherently criminal in the first place. Protect and serve us? or a federal reserve planet thieving scam for the crown, that monopolizes the cash and holds it in short supply (in a federal system their is never enough minted for everyone, it inspires competition?!? and what fuckin else does it inspire geniuses-Crime with big capital C because you still gotta eat even if a bent Monarch curtails and over taxes the system and still has her hand up Elmos arse) My countrymen laughed at me for wingeing and advising to actively oppose gun control here. Now the imbeciles know why, and what I saw nearly instantly took the rest 10 years; the mass shootings were government organized, and I know it for a fact, and the Police Commissioner Audrey Fagin "suicided" because of it (Suicide?Porky we have lift off). My fellow countrymen should be ashamed of themselves. The Eureka stockade was a joke and we were disarmed like women, now we are taxed for Carbon. No fuckin shortage of that is there considering we are a carbon based planet and the only real greenhouse gas is water vapour "thus greenhouse". We are ruled by psychopaths, and trust me, America is STILL 100%, no doubts,a British colony till you dispatch the Fed and Zionist Mass Onyx halls. Who cares what you call it republic, democracy, so long as the Queen via Rothschild-Von Battenbergs still holds the Central bank, your her bitches. Don't be suckered into these mass shootings. No global conspiracy? yeh right, and its not on the dollar in Latin? Oink oink oink flap flap flap. I love Americans, don't get me wrong.We've all been right Royally had, and anyone with heart and brains enough to see through hogwash and wishful self deception and fluoridated water knows it.