Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dog Heroes

Here is one of those heart warming stories for you. The dogs you see above may not be as fast as a Doberman, as strong as a Pit bull or as smart as a German Shepard, but they have earned a spot at the Ruth's Chris table if you ask me.

On February 11, 2010 a suicide bomber attempted to enter a barracks building housing US Army personnel. As he tried to enter, he was attacked by Rufus, Target and Sasha. The attack forced the bomber to detonate his bomb in the corridor, instead of the other areas with more soldiers.
The bomb wounded five soldiers and killed Sasha. However, the actions of a trio of rather unimpressive-looking dogs saved the lives of many, if not all of those soldiers.

On July 29, Pet Airways flew Rufus and Target to the USA were I hope they will be fed large amounts of whatever dogs think is awesome.

Sgt. Christopher Duke meets Rufus and Target at the gate