Thursday, May 26, 2011

Eye Protection is awesome

It is not uncommon to here stories about soldiers whose lives were saved by their helmets or body armor. But no less important is eye protection.

Here are two photos I found today from combat operations in Afghanistan. This soldier, identified as Corporal Renaud M. of the French Alpine Hunters, took a Taliban round straight into his goggles. even though they are on his helmet in the pic, I imagine they were on his face during the incident, given the wound on his cheek. He would have certainly sustained a serious wound without his eyepro and very well might have even been killed. This is just another instance of modern protective equipment doing the great job we want it to. I often hear people complain about the amount of money the military uses up, but when I see one of our boys' life saved by that money I feel good.

Good work and all my best wishes, Corporal Renaud. And good work, nameless person who made those goggles. Taliban gunner--fuck you.

BTW- these photos were taken by Thomas Goisque, all credit to him, hopefully he won't mind my use of them for educational purposes. You can see the rest of the series here:


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