Monday, September 24, 2012

Georgia tanks

M60 Main Battle Tank

Here we see what happens when I am stuck out of town for work and bored. I went out looking for some Taco Bell and paint brushes and found a M48 Patton tank. Awesome, right? So I decided to try my little phone camera and its effects. My phone, by the way is a Casio Gz'one Ravine. It is not smart, it does not have a touch screen. But amongst other things, it is close to completely waterproof. I was talking on it while in the shower this morning.

Do that with your precious iPhones, hipsters.

With this one I was trying to make it look like an old newsreel footage, so naturally I used the black and white filter. I think it certainly does not look like it was taken in Augusta, GA in 2012

How about a couple of fake nightvision shots?

Anything to avoid getting work done, I tried to make this one look like a thermal scope on white=hot.           For some reason this M48 was painted black instead of OD green or camo and I think that helped the effect. 

Both of these tanks are "gate guards" at American Legion posts in Georgia, hence the title.

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