Monday, July 27, 2009

Historical Oddities


I found this pic awhile back, the caption said that it was a tribal conflict in the Sudan in 1975. What is really interesting is that she is using the first true "Assault Rifle", the StG-44 or Sturmgewehr 44 ( Assault Rifle 1944) I imagine this is not what Hitler intended for this weapon.
Some other random weapons in the background as well, a Mauser K98, a M14, an Enfield and what I think is an M16A1 at the far right. Strange to think that this young woman is rebelling or whatever with a gun that is worth $100,000? $150,000? Who knows how much?

It is also strange to think how the extremely uncommon 7.92x33 Kurz ammunition could be acquired in the Sudan, I can't even find .38 Special ammo, and I live in America.

One of the reasons that I like old guns is you can pick it up and imagine, but you know you will never really know the full story of the days and places that it has seen.

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  1. The Soviets, Eastern bloc and Yugoslavs sent tons of ex-German arms to clients states in the Middle East and Africa. Stg44s are sometimes found in Iraq as well. They seem to have their own stocks of ammo, and 7.92x33 kurz is currently made in Yugoslavia by Prvi Partizan. I read a horror story of US GIs having to destroy over a million rounds of it in Iraq. The shame.