Monday, July 27, 2009

Weird Guns (part 3) Double Revolver

Not much info on this one, Evidently from the Nineteenth Century, an attempt to increase the ammunition capacity and rate of fire of a revolver by giving it a cylinder with two rows of cartridges and a over under double barrel. From the looks of the hammer, both barrels may have fired at once. I'm not sure if that would have made a greater impression of the one firing the weapon or the target. The barrels' diameter would lead me to guess that it was chambered for a .45 or .44 caliber bullet and it looks like it was made for centerfire ammunition. As with most firearm technology that is not common or stolen by other manufacturers, it probably didn't work very well. I can't imagine that this gun had any kind of balance at all, which likely made it only accurate at food throwing distances. From the clumsy looks to the rather insane design, I also am going to guess this weapon was made in France.
(sorry, France, you are good at other things)

If anyone has more info on this weapon, let me know.


  1. 9mm Belgian 18-shot double-barrelled revolver

    9mm Belgian 18-shot double-barrelled revolver by robotech_master_2000.
    Card reads:

    9mm - Belgium
    No makers marks - Pre-1877 proof marks.
    Double barrel pin-fire.
    Cylinder has 18 chambers.
    Hammer strikes a sliding vertical bar which strikes the pin when properly aligned.
    Engraved frame and cylinder.
    Stocks - Carved ebony.

    Those wacky Belgians, eh? Seems the LeMat was not the only over-under pistol design they came up with. I'd hate to see the holster that could hold this monster.

    Photo taken by Sandy Clark.

  2. Thanks for the info. I guessed the language right, if not the country.

  3. Also, there is a front view available on the internet - it can be seen that the chambers are not placed directly above each other, so I think it's safe to assume it fires from top and bottom barrel alternately.