Thursday, October 15, 2009

Holley Museum of Military History

On my recent trip across the country I had the fortune to stay in the Ramada Inn in downtown Topeka Kansas. In addition to being a nice hotel, letting us keep three smelly dogs in the room and having hotties in the pool despite the lateness of the year, they had a military history museum in the building.

The Holley Museum of Military History was not large by any means and it did not have any large scale artifacts like planes or tanks but still had a lot of interesting things. It had a great deal of models of planes and ships, along with propaganda posters and paintings of famous weapons, personalities, and battles.

Rare WWI British 35th Division helmet

I believe them.

US Marine Corps Navajo Code Talkers

Signpost from US Army base

I was a little surprised at this, they had an entire display case of Bob Dole's militaria from WWII, including uniforms, medals and his dog tags.

Model of the USS Abraham Lincoln

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