Wednesday, October 7, 2009

You have been warned

OK, folks, I'm gonna lay it out for you.
There are some guns that are way too unpredictable and dangerous to have around. Way back in June, I advised you, my gentle readers, to take such guns, carefully unload them, fill them with concrete and throw them in the nearest body of water. Well, a couple in Florida paid the ultimate price for all those who do not read Homemade Defense at least twice a week. They got shot.
Yup. Better set this as a favorite. Or better yet, your homepage. Can't be too careful.


Polk County sheriff's deputies say it's not entirely clear how many times Michael and Sherri Thourot's 9mm accidentally went off Saturday, or what caused the handgun to fire. The pistol was a Jennings make.

The man in an adjacent stall, 29-year-old Gary Flynn, of Ireland, was most seriously injured. He underwent surgery after being hit in the shoulder and throat, and was listed in stable condition.

Michael Thourot was shot in the left hand, and Sherri Thourot was hit in the left arm. Both were also listed in stable condition.

do not own this gun. or be in its presence.

So, let me make very it clear: Jennings, Bryco, Raven Arms, and Jimenez Arms semi-automatics will malfunction. They are made of inferior metals, unable to take the strain of modern ammunition. Their design and manufacture are seriously flawed. Carefully unload them, apply a crowbar judiciously, and take them to the nearest blast furnace.

These guns often have magazines that need to be taken out with pliers, they have been proven to to fire as soon as the safety is disengaged, fire when set down, and it seems here, to fire continuously without the trigger being pulled.

I know guns are expensive and some people just want something affordable with which to defend themselves. But, nothing is more expensive than regret. Even if you do not kill yourself or others, keep in mind that gunshot wounds maim people on a daily basis in our world.


  1. Thnks 4 the info bro

  2. guns dont just go off by themselves,someone has to pull the trigger,guns dont kill people,it takes a finger on the trigger and an eye to see where to aim at,dumbass

  3. Well, "dumbass" in general I would agree with you. Except in the case of the above mentioned firearms. They have been PROVEN to fire without the trigger being fired. Even if I didn't take the proceedings of SEVERAL different court cases as the truth, one of my oldest and closest friends had a Bryco .380, he set it down on a nightstand and it fired. And guns don't need to be aimed ("with and eye") to hit something. That bullet will travel until is runs out of energy or hits something. Like your face. So there.

  4. Oh my god. My grandma keeps a Jennings under her mattress for self defense. Thank you so much for posting this information, Kevlar. I'm glad I stumbled upon this before anything bad happened.