Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mossberg 590 12 gauge Pump Shotgun

Since it was the joint winner of the first Homemade Defense poll, I figured I would give a little information and gun pr0n for all you out there. I love the Mossberg, and I think it is the best pump shotgun on the market and I recommend every one buy one (or a Model 500). They have a 3"chamber and unlike most other firearms, there is a vast variety of munitions for the 12 gauge. Everything from slugs to buckshot, birdshot to bean bags and rubber rockets, flechettes to flame rounds, and now, even grenades. Versatility is a wonderful virtue, especially if you don't have a lot of guns.

Some reasons I believe the Mossberg is the best pump action shotgun around:
  • It has dual action bars for increased reliability,
  • it can be stripped down to clean without tools
  • it has a 8 round tube mag
  • it comes with a heat shield
  • many versions come with a Speedfeed stock
  • it is tough
  • it doesn't malfunction
  • it is the main shotgun of the USMC
  • it is great for zombies.
Lastly, they are very affordable, much more so than any other gun in its class. I also believe that they are in quality and durability, unmatched.


Weight 3.3 kg empty

Barrel length 14 to 30 inches
(20" standard)

Caliber 12 gauge,
also in 20 gauge, .410 bore
Action pump-action

Feed system 5 to 8 rounds; internal tube magazine

Shorty version called the Cruiser with a pistol grip, 5 round tube and 14 inch barrel

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