Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sentry Tech Tower

This is an IDF remotely operated Sentry-Tech Tower along the Gaza Strip. They are used to control a larger swath of land with a smaller force. The system on the top of the tower is a Rafael Mini-Samson weapon station. It has a M2 Browning .50 caliber machine gun which is linked to day/night cameras and likely either a powerful spotlight or IR light. The tower and weapon system are managed from a control center, mainly operated by female soldiers, who can operate multiple towers, engaging enemies with one or more as the need arises. The weapons are almost always controlled through the remote station, although the weapon can be operated manually if needed. The "observers" need not be limited to the .50 or a 7.62mm machine gun though, they can also mount and fire precision guided weapons like the Lahrat laser guided rocket and the Spike Long Range optically guided missile.

I would think that this system is not quite as formidable as it might seem at first glance. For one thing, a tower of this nature is not going anywhere and the forces on the defensive lose some advantage if your enemy can always pinpoint your location. That gives them the option to go around. (the Maginot Line lesson) A tower like this becomes less of a defensive weapon and more of an area denial one, like a mine field, except Princess Diana wouldn't be quite as upset.
Secondly, the situational awareness of a soldier using a system like this would be limited by the quality and range of their optics. Also, security companies have discovered that people sitting in a dark room watching nothing happen on a bank of screens tend to become about as effective as having the cat watch it after about 20 minutes. I imagine that the system does have a thermal scope integrated and that is extremely useful, as they can often see people who would be obscured even in daylight. Now, if they add some motion detectors, radar, etc. That would make it really something.

All that being said, I will be surrounding my house with these. I will just hook them straight up to the Xbox. Damn squirrels will leave my peaches alone this spring.

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