Sunday, March 14, 2010

Aircraft Nose Art

I really love the aircraft nose art of WWII. I think its great because it showed the individuality of the men that flew and maintained these machines, even during a time of anxiety and death. Also, the cool ones were mostly naked women. That's nice too. Anyway, I am guessing that some of you like the Americana/pinup art as much as I do, so I will show you some of my favorites.

B-29 Superfortress

B-17G Flying Fortress



B-26C Invader

While it is not "Nose Art", this is just too cool. And I don't even like Budweiser.

And to close, the famous "Memphis Belle" the first B-17 to complete 25 missions over Fortress Europe


  1. I too love the nose art! Good one Mr Kevlar

  2. The "Bikini Red" nose art is from a UH-1 of the 170th Assault Helicopter Company, US Army, circa 1967.