Sunday, March 14, 2010

Guns of the Cartels

As the Drug War in Mexico has intensified, there have been many "experts" who blame the violence on the availability of firearms in the United States. While it is certain that the violent drug cartels are smuggling guns south of the border, I for one, do not believe that legitimate gun dealers in the United States are the primary source of guns for the cartels.
To back up this claim, I would like to show you a great many of the weapons seized from the Narcotrafficos in the last few months and years. You will see that they come from all over the world. My personal belief is that the incredibly corrupt Mexican Law Enforcement and Army are the main sources of their weaponry. While semi-automatic rifles and pistols are available in the US, grenades, rockets and machine guns certainly are not. Another thing worth mentioning is that organizations that smuggle hundreds of tons of cocaine a year can smuggle guns just as easily.

Swastika-marked Walther P38s. Not from America.

I always pick up a couple of grenades, an anti-tank rocket or two and a silenced submachine gun at Wal-Mart.
Don't you?
I'm don't know where these grenades were manufactured but I am almost certain they are not an American design.

This gold plated 1911A1 is chambered in .38 Super, a very unpopular cartridge in the US, but popular in Latin America, where many countries have laws against owning a weapon chambered in a "military" cartridge.
(Usually the 9mm NATO or .45 ACP)

Gold plated, short barreled AK? Available at every gun store in Texas.

.38 Special, 1911, and a sawed off shotgun. Didn't save its owner however.

This guy didn't make it either
The weapon is a Beretta 92FS, manufactured in several places around the world.

German MG42 with anti aircraft sights.

Another 1911A1 in .38 Super. The Jesus grips are a nice touch, but I bet they would hurt when you shoot it.

AKs and FN PS90s. The FNs are likely from the US though. They are well liked by the Narcos for their ability to pierce soft body armor. They are known as "Matapolicias" (Cop Killers)
Also there is a 40mm grenade launcher and several grenades. Not the type of thing you can legally buy anywhere.

Commando 10" M16 with a drum magazine

.50 caliber rifle mounted in the back of an SUV

More M4s, including a 7.5" barreled version

So there you go. Like I said before, there is no doubt that there are many firearms being used by the cartels that came from the US, but blaming the gun laws of the United States for the actions of bloodthirsty people with no morals and a vast, global criminal empire is, in my opinion, asinine.


  1. I agree! but who said the anti gun crowd was logical captain.

  2. I'm sure that they more rich if they made a gun store.

  3. Mijo, the guns come mostly from the US, not all are manufactured in the US, and neither is the fault of the 2dn amendmend, here in mexico we dont care if you can buy a grenade launcher, just keep it on your side of the border. but the US is used as a staging ground by arm traffickers many of them russian and chinese mobsters, and corrupt army brass

  4. I would love to have that Walther p-38 that is centered in the first pic...or the MG42 :)