Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Greatest guns of Fiction- Cobra Assualt Cannon-

Once again, here we are. You are bored and I am going on and on about fake guns on the Internet. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this brings us back to 1987's Robocop. (I suppose I would talk about my favorite late 1980s sci-fi movie, They Live, but its guns are real)

Anyway, Robocop is set in a "fictional" Detroit overrun by gangs of violent criminals, corrupt corporations that are stealing every dollar in the country and citizens too stupid and dulled by Reality TV to care.

Midway through the film, the bad guys decided they need military-grade weaponry to destroy Robocop, and where else would they turn but Corporate America? They are provided with the Cobra Assault Cannon, the latest in military hardware. The Cobra prop is based on the Barrett M82A1 .50 BMG rifle. They added some extra parts and a rather interesting squared off scope. I have heard they were going to add scenes with advanced targeting information displayed in the scope, but cut the idea due to budget constraints. In the movie, it is used to destroy storefronts, cars ( 6000 S.U.X., just like yours Clarence!), and even the armored ED-209 combat droid. It appears to fire explosive/armor piercing shells like the long awaited Barrett 25mm rifle. The Cobra Assault Cannon is certainly a plausible fictional weapon as it is shown, indeed, it is almost prescient as it mimics a weapon that was not even in development at the time. The Cobra comes off as believable in the film, especially since the prop was built to resemble a real weapon, although few knew about the Barrett in 1986 when it was filmed.
All in all, it the perfect companion to my M41-A Pulse Rifle.

In Robocop 2, a Pauza P50 was substituted for the Cobra Assault Cannon

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  1. Awesome, Like always, man ! Howabout a writeup of the Krull Glaive ?