Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pimp My Gun

I heard about a fun little website the other day by the name of Pimp My Gun. It is a little image editor that lets you create your own little killing creations. You could of course make something ridiculous, but I have had fun making weapons that are at least somewhat plausible.

Check it out.

CTAR-21 with quick detach suppressor, Eotech holo sight and foregrip. Yes please.

AR-15 w/ Trijicon Ta31RCO. This is how I would set up an AR, were I not poor.

You can't tell me that this isn't bad ass, I would load the 203 with the M576 anti-personnel round, loaded with 20 pellets of #4 buckshot. That will really clear a room.

Can't go wrong with a little modified Mossberg 500

Is it the stupidest pistol ever? Maybe. But you know you want one.

HK UMP and Mp5 10 mm w/ suppressors and entry shotguns, my idea of the perfect CQB gun


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