Monday, October 31, 2011

Bra Holster

It is nice when you find out that there are other people out there who think like you do. Case in point, the Flashbang Bra Holster. Two of my favorite things, boobs and guns. On a more serious note, it is difficult for women to carry concealed due to the types of clothing they often wear. Skirts and women's' jeans do not always allow them use the In-the-pants holster with anything like the ease and concealment that a fella can. Also curvaceous ladies might not be wear a standard on the belt holster as comfortably since their hips are shaped so much differently than most men's. This can often lead to ladies who carry keeping their weapon in their purse which is less than ideal for several reasons. But holsters and carry methods are very personal and what works for one person does not necessarily work for someone else.

It is currently only sold on eBay. The holster costs $40 and is available for the Kel-Tec P3AT, S&W J Frame, S&W Bodyguard 38, Ruger LCP and Ruger LCR. It consists of a kydex holster and as you can see mounts to the bra with a leather loop. Apparently, there are a few options that the manufacturer has to attach it to various bras. There are several gun writers and bloggers (of the female variety) who have tried out the bra holster and most seem to like it. Use your google-fu if you are interested in more detailed information.

Here is a video of a young lady drawing and firing her weapon with the Flashbang holster.

Like many carry options, this one has pros and cons. It very well may represent a better way for some women to carry concealed. It likely can only support and conceal the lightest and smallest of weapons comfortably and safely, but you can't have everything. I would also say that revolvers used with this holster should probably be of the hammerless or shrouded hammer variety to avoid snagging on the bra or something more painful. Some have commented that it is terrible because it forces the woman to expose herself to draw her gun. Number 1- even if that is the case, it rather pales in comparison to the attempted mugging, rape, or murder that would occasion a firearm being drawn. Number 2, I imagine that most ladies could reach their weapon while only exposing some of their abdomen, which in the West is not usually cause for excitement. Some ladies that are less well endowed might not have the same concealment effect and of course, very tight or low cut shirts could also complicate matters.

In any case, I like to see innovation and it is good that the industry is trying to tend to the needs of female shooters, who are the fastest growing segment of the American gun buying public.

Oh, how about a pic of a real girl wearing it too:

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