Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Smithsonian American History Museum

Just a few of the pictures that I took while visiting D.C. this summer. Most came out pretty poorly, so just the highlights.

Sam Houston's .36 caliber Harmonica lock rifle, made by Seneca Ohio gunsmith Henry Gross

Civil War-era 12 pound James Shell - with greater range and accuracy than the old solid iron cannonball, plus the James Shell contained explosives

Walker Colt .44 revolver, One of 1100 ever made. Among the most valuable pistols in the world

Model 1877 Battery Gatling gun, manufactured by Colt

Civil War "Zouave" uniform from the Fifth New York Volunteer Infantry

General Andrew Jackson's uniform and sword, worn during the Battle of New Orleans

USS Philadelphia, the only surviving gunboat built and manned by American rebels during the Revolution. Sunk by the British on 11 October 1776 in Lake Champlain.

Discovered and salvaged in 1935, in good condition due to the cold water. In addition to the guns and hull, hundreds of other items were recovered from the vessel including shot, cooking utensils, tools, buttons, buckles and human bones.

The 24 pounder shot that sunk her

George Washington's sword, used during his time as Commander of the Continental Army

And who was in the downstairs hall? Good old C-3P0

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