Wednesday, March 14, 2012

No Vacancy

Feeling positive about the world today? I can fix that. Here is a graph of human population for the last 12,000 years, or what we generally consider to be "history" or "civilization". Something like a 6 fold increase in the last 500 years. No problems, though, right? No way human activity could be fundamentally altering the planet right? OK, sleep tight, I'm sure someone else will solve the problem.


  1. One chart does not a point make. If you graph "global average temperature" for the last 12,000 years against population you will see no correlation. The Roman and Medieval Warm Periods would stick out. Go back further and you would see the end of the last Great Ice Age.

  2. Global warming and climate change are only two ways we have changed the planet. You don't have to buy into what most scientists agree on to see that. Fly over any metropolitan area and tell me the world is how it was even 300 years ago. Habitat loss, Extinct or critically endangered species, industrial pollution, Urban sprawl, Noise and light pollution. The list goes on...