Friday, March 16, 2012

New Camo Project-Airsoft HK G36

I decided to try my hand at a rifle camouflage pattern (again) and to that end bought a cheap, spring powered airsoft gun modeled after a gun I will never get to own, the H&K G36KV. This is how it came out:

I once again used Krylon super flat spray paints, but my local Wal-Mart has again come through for me and had some new colors available. First I used the ultra flat khaki as a base coat. Then I made a stencil by cutting out some sort of sinuous lines from a piece of a thick paper folder. I made another stencil with similar but smaller size lines and one more with some little squiggly lines. I made the stencils by looking at the shapes in a few of my favorite patterns. Including UK DPM and Omani Orange DPM. Then I laid down a pattern of light green stripes, after that was dry I did a combination of dark green with the small stripes, squiggly lines and a few big stripes. One final spray of light green lines to even out the look and put some overlap on the dark green. Done. Took about 1/4 or less the time of my "digitized" paintball gun camo.

Overall, I am a lot happier with this project than I was with my paintball gun.
I think most of that is due to having some better colors to work with. Having a medium hue color like the light green made the khaki and dark green smooth out and blend. I like it, but not enough to put it on a real gun. Tell me what you think, I can take it.


  1. I think the design and color of this gun looks awesome and perfect as well.
    I will surely like to try this gun.

  2. Great job on the paint. Too bad we can't buy these! (and the full auto glock!)