Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Halo P-12

P-12 with HK UMP 45

This is rumored to be a possibly forthcoming pump action shotgun called the Halo P-12.   I am going to try real hard to not get your expectations too high, though. As there may only be 0-2 of these weapons in existence. It is said to weigh less than 9 pounds and be at least 27 inches in length overall. I have not seen any data to this affect, but I think we can assume that the barrel would be at least 18 inches to keep civilian ownership easy.  The weapon is a bullpup design with a top mounted magazine in line with the barrel, very similar to the FN P-90. The magazine shares the horizontal lay of the shell (perpendicular to the barrel) and the 90 degree turn to prepare the shell for chambering.

The P-12 would be limited to 2 3/4'' shells for pump operated fire, but you can hand load and fire 3" magnums. Ejection is said to be from the bottom. The Halo Mfg website does not have any new info on the P-12 and it was orginally de to be released in 2008, but I certainly haven't seen one. Rumor has it that the design is currently being refined by Monolith Arms. I would love to see  it come to market and offer some competition to the Kel-Tec KSG. I would like to see a muzzle brake of some kind added, maybe just a standoff breacher-type, because recoil is likely noticeable in a bullpup 12 gauge firing slugs. A nice beefy rubber recoil pad would not be out of place either.

P-12 with FN P-90

Whether or not we will see this design come to market remains to be seen. Certainly there is plenty of vaporware out there these days, seemingly invented just to torment us.
                                           (I am looking at you Kel-Tec PDW. )

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