Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Few Words on Gun Violence in America

These are the top ten firearms recovered in murder/shooting investigations in the United States, according to the FBI. Lets look at them and see what we can determine.

The first thing I noticed was that HALF (the top two and bottom three on the right)of the guns in the picture are from Bryco/Jennings/Jimenez/Raven Arms. This is a gun company that has changed names and owners so often you (and the Courts) can't keep up, but keeps on making the worst guns you will ever touch. No reputable gun shop will sell or service these guns because they are made so amazingly poor. They are frankly very dangerous to have around, and if you happen to own one, I suggest you very carefully unload it, fill it with concrete and throw it in the fucking river. I know a guy who once gently set down a Bryco .380 and it fired into his alarm clock, although the FMJ .380 did not fully penetrate or exit from the tiny, plastic alarm clock. These weapons can be bought for as little as $70.

Rounding out the list,a Ruger P series automatic is the second from the right on the top, it is most likely on the list due to the fact it is one of the least expensive pistols to be found, averaging $200-300 less than most other guns.
The largest and most dangerous of the firearms is a 12 gauge pump shotgun, one of the most common guns across the world, and it is a legitimate hunting weapon as well.
Three of the guns are Smith and Wessons, the Model 10 M&P .38 and its .357 Magnum cousin, along with the old style automatic in 9mm. Again, all relatively inexpensive and common weapons. Also, the revolvers are of a type that has been made for about 75 years so we have had quite some time to stock up on them.

Notice the complete lack of so-called "assault weapons" or .50 caliber rifles. So why would these weapons be banned? The most common gun murder in America is between two young men, with violent records, over gang or drug disputes. That is why, a cheap, throw away, low quality pistol is their preferred weapon. Most gun owners do not want any further restrictions on their Constitutional Rights, but if Government and Private organizations want to do something about gun violence in America, they need to focus their efforts on the real problems, like dirt cheap guns that fire even when they are not supposed to in the hands of gangsters, felons, and undocumented, illegal alien gangsters living under false names.

Gun violence is overwhelmingly caused by professional criminals with illegal or stolen guns. Not by the type of guy who buys a 5 foot long, $7,000, 30lb rifle that shoots $5 bullets that can be heard 5 miles away. I have not seen ANY report of a .50 caliber rifle used in a crime in America.

(However, giving them to the Mexican Army was a good idea wasn't it? We might have just saved time and money and threw them over the fence in Tijuana if we wanted the Cartels to have a new toy.)

"Assault Weapons" or semi auto firearms with detachable magazines as they are known to people who are not idiots, are used in less than 1% of gun crimes in America, while one "Saturday Night Special" manufacturer makes, distributes, and markets 5 guns of the top ten used in shootings in the country.

So, gun haters, try to focus on the guns that are killing people on the street every day instead of the ones that you think look scary.

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