Friday, June 12, 2009

Guns I Wish I Had (part1)-Steyr M9A1

Steyr M9A1

The second most famous pistol from Austria, the Steyr M series. A quick look might lead to you believe that the M9 is another plastic Glock clone, unworthy of attention. You would be wrong.
A great many small details have gone into the making of this fine weapon.

Upon first seeing the M9A1 I immediately noticed the grip, it is raked back at an angle,(111 degrees) even more so than the 1911, almost as much as the P08 Luger. Combined with a low barrel to hand axis, this gives the pistol superior balance and pointing ability.

Also it has what were fairly unique sights at the time of its introduction, the "trapezoidal sights" consist of a high visibility triangle shaped front sight and a trapezoid rear sight. To me, the shape of the front sight allows it to function like the mouse pointer on a PC, as the point of impact for the bullet is right at the top of the triangle's apex. I found it very instinctual and easy to use.

The A1 is an improvement of the earlier design, adding an under barrel accessory rail for the attachment of lights or lasers. The slide is covered in the Tenifer finish, like the Glock, which I believe to be the most scratch, rust and ding resistant finish available, at least from the factory.

The operation is a double action only, striker fired and hammerless design called the " Reset Action trigger". The M9A1 also uses John Browning's locking breech/short recoil method of operation that is so common in semi autos.
Chambered in 9mm NATO, it has a 14 rd steel magazine with a polymer follower and floorplate.
The Steyr M9A1 can be bought for something in the 600-800 range, making it a worthy choice among the Glocks, SIGs, Walthers and HKs.

Steyr M9A1-Series Pistol Specifications

Caliber 9x19mm
Overall length 7.05 inches
Height 5.03 inches
Width 1.18 inches
Weight, empty 28 oz.
Magazine capacity 14

Trigger system Reset Action System
Trigger pull 5.5 lbs.
Trigger travel 1/8 inches
Safeties Three user-selectable conditions
Sights Triangle/trapezoid profile

So if anyone wants to get me something for my birthday...

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  1. My only problem with it is the relatively low mag capacity when compared to other full sized 9mm handguns. A Beretta 92 holds 15+1, while a standard Glock magazine holes 17+1. Personally, I would take one of those over the Steyr M9 any day, even though I'm a big fan of the company.