Monday, December 7, 2009


There is a whole lot of talk about the F-22.

I'm not going to attempt to make a case for the F-22 in a technical manner, I'm not qualified. (You probably aren't either) and the fact that they are astronomically expensive is regrettable. So I won't say anything other than this: all of the war tactics we have actually used in the last 60 years have depended on ground troops having air support. The US has almost always, since 1945, had air superiority and has usually had air supremacy. The F-22 is designed to rid the skies of all hostile aircraft, no matter what. In that way, it can be considered the lynch pin of the Country's defense.

OK, now for some neat pictures:


  1. But if you think about it, The best aircraft that we have currently in service is the F-15 and nothing can beat it... except for another F-15 and an F-22. Yeah its nice to know we have the best aircraft in the world, but the F-22 is hella overkill.

  2. Since no F-15 has ever been shot down by an enemy aircraft, the need for a vastly more expense F-22 seems a vast waste of money.

  3. Well keep in mind that the F-15 while an excellent aircraft, is getting pretty old. Newer aircraft like the Gripen, Eurofighter and PAK-50 could very likely give even the best F-15 a very bad day or worse. Since it takes at least 10 years (or maybe up to 20) to design test and refine a fight, it is best to keep constant development underway.

  4. Its not just expensive. It can't fly in the rain, it can't fly for more than 1.7 hours or else it might break down, jepordizing the mission. It requires 36 hours of maintenance for every 1 hour of flight time (totally impractical in a real war).

    Its stealth is virtually useless. It is hard to detect via radar but as soon as it turns on its own radar it is fully visible. Therefore in order to be invisible it must also be blind. It can be shot down BVR by enemy aircraft with anti-radiation (radar homing) missiles.

    For every weapon made there is either a counter weapon or a duplicate weapon or both. War is stupid.

  5. I wouldn't say stealth is useless. The F-117 was able to hit targets that no other aircraft could, and the F-22 is considerably more advanced. Also, the F-22 can get targeting info from other planes, such as the AWACS and E-2 Hawkeye,and not turn on its radar at all.
    It is a specialized weapon with specialized uses.

    And if it was so stupid, too expensive, and un-needed, why are China, Russia, and India all spending billions to make their own 5th generation fighter?

    The fact that weapons can be countered is exactly why we need this plane. Our 1970s era Air Force is in danger of being overtaken by newer designs.

    War is futile would be a better way to say it, IMO, but I agree.