Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Future of War?

This is from a 1959 copy of The Army Reservist magazine, I found it somewhere some months back. It is odd however to see how close to modern Army and Marine combat equipment this really is.
I would probably go without the helmet mounted antenna if I were you, though.

  • We are still using the M-14 rifle as it has superior range and penetration to any of the M16 variants,
  • "Infra-red binoculars" are all over today's military as I discussed earlier this week.
  • "Layered Nylon Armor" well, Kevlar is derived in many ways from Nylon and Kevlar is included in of many types of armor, even on tanks and helicopters.
  • I have no idea what an "Image Metascope" is, but we have issued thousands of red-dot sights to our troops, greatly increasing the accuracy of rifle fire.
  • Is it just me or do the fatigues look like they might be in ACU-type colors?
Of course, if you watch Aliens from 1986 ( awesome movie, I watched it night before last) you will also see a lot of our current gear and even things we are still developing.
Maybe I will do a post on that too.

Some of you might be saying, come on Mr. Kevlar, do you expect us to believe that?
And to you I would reply: Look at this soldier in Afganistan, 50 years after that article.

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