Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hurricane Season

Okay folks, once again the tropical storms are rolling across the Atlantic.
No more can anyone in America be unprepared and unaware of the danger and be anything other than a vagrant, an idiot or both.
The North Atlantic basin receives, on average, 10.6 tropical storms and 7.9 Hurricanes a year.
Two of the hurricanes are Category 3 or higher, which are very dangerous storms.

Although the entire Southeast, the Mid Atlantic states and the Gulf Coast have known about them for years, a survey of the media shows that, apparently, many people ( their name rhymes with spankees) have only recently discovered them. The hit the Eastern, Southern, and Western Coast of the United States, oh, EVERY YEAR. Hurricanes are responsible for immense destruction, monetary loss and from time to time, massive casualties.

However, this does not need to be the case. Hurricanes are one of the only natural disasters that can be detected long before they pose serious threat and the only one moving slow enough to get out of the way.

So for EVERYONE living within 100 miles of salt water, listen up.
You really need:
  1. A plan
  2. Flood insurance (Home Owners Ins will not cover you)
  3. Gas in the car (and a car)
  4. Emergency food and water
  5. Emergency radio
  6. Simple tools
  7. Propane grill
  8. A goddamn clue
  9. Little to no expectation of Government help
Keep in mind that hurricanes are less likely to kill you than any other natural disaster.
As long as you are prepared and aren't one of those "I'm not gonna evacuate" idiots. You might not get to be rescued by FEMA.
For more info straight from the horse's ass: http://www.fema.gov/

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