Friday, August 21, 2009

Historical Oddities- Pink Panther

OK, quick, what is the best color for camouflage at night?
Most people would think that black is the best. They would be wrong. (unlike the people who actually read the title of this entry)

The best color for camouflage is pink.
Here comes the science. Pink absorbs light, and light is how we see. If you see someone dressed in black at night, they are actually darker than everything around them, and can be easily seen, especially in silhouette. The pink camo scheme works best at night or paradoxically, in a very high light situation like the desert.
The British discovered this in WWII and used pink heavily armed Jeeps in the North Africa campaign to attack the air power and supply lines of Rommel's Afrika Corps. Those attacks made the reputation of some men we know today as the SAS. And they did it in pink.
Stranger than Fiction.

"Pinkie" long wheelbase Land Rover from post WWII era (thanks, Stephen)


  1. I thought they used Jeeps and trucks in North Africa during WWII.

    Anyway, that's not a WWII era vehicle, I'm positive they didn't have smoke grenade launchers.

  2. It looks like you are right. Earliest mention I can find of Land Rovers is post war, 1947.