Monday, September 7, 2009

Rare Weapons -China Lake Pump Grenade Launcher

Developed by the Special Products Division of the China Lake Naval Weaposn Center, which made weapons for the US Navy SEALs. The SEALs had expressed a desire for more firepower than the single shot M79 Grenade Launcher in use. The China Lake GL had a tubular magazine under the barrel with a capacity of 4 40mm grenades. It is said that a skilled operator could fire all four grenades before the first one hit the ground. Due to extensive use of aluminum alloys the China Lake GL actually weighs less than the M79 when unloaded and only 0.5 lb more when loaded. The GL saw use in Vietnam with the SEALs and were also reportedly used by the Marine Force Recon teams and the Army's 5th Special Forces Group.

This weapon never entered mass production and the total produced is likely under 50 units.

Weight 4.63 kg (10.21 lb) loaded
3.72 kg (8.2 lb) empty
Length 875 mm (34.4 in)
Barrel length 356 mm (14.0 in)

Cartridge 40x46mm SR
Action Pump-action
Rate of fire 15 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity 76 m/s (249 ft/s)
Effective range 350 m
Feed system 3-round tubular magazine
Sights Open, leaf-type, square-notch/blade

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