Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vektor Y3 AGL 40mm

The South African firm of Vektor produces this belt fed, automatic grenade launcher. it is designed to be able to defeat targets that are not in the firer's line of sight as well as those it can see. By using a grenade with a medium velocity, and a high trajectory, the Y3 can lob explosives into trenches and field fortifications as well as through windows. While weapons of this type are most often mounted on vehicles or in defensive positions, they can also be carried and deployed in the field by a crew of 3.

The Vektor Y3 is equipped with an electronic sight that can be used to fire at targets beyond visual range, provided that coordinates are provided by some type of forward observer.
40mm grenades have proven to be extremely useful in all types of conflicts and having a weapon that can hit targets out of sight or invulnerable to rifle fire can save the lives of an infantry squad. There are several different grenade types in use for this system:
High Explosive (HE)
Designed for used against vehicles and personnel (with a casualty radius of 5 m)
High Explosive Dual Purpose (HE DP)
This round has some armour piercing capability (50 mm armour, 350 mm concrete) and is designed for use against vehicles and fortifications.
This round produces a flash and smoke intended for realistic simulations and training.
Target Practice Tracer
Similar to the Practice round, but producing a visible light trail similar to tracer rounds for firearms.
Target Practice
This round is inert and has the same ballistic properties as the HE and HE DP rounds.

Place of origin South Africa

Production history
Designer Vektor

Weight 32 kg (weapon),
18 kg (tripod)

Length 844 mm
Barrel length 300 mm (12 in)
Width 281 mm
Height 267 mm

Cartridge 40 mm grenade
Action long recoil
Rate of fire 280–320 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity 242 m/s
Maximum range 2200 m
Feed system 20 round belt
Sights optical or electronic (ballistic computer)

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