Sunday, September 27, 2009

Warhawk Air Museum (again)

A glider fuselage

Early P-51C Mustang before the distinctive bubble canopy and ventral intakes were added

The pilot was an Ace four times over

Wing mounted .50 caliber machine guns

Fairburn-Sykes Commando dagger

1916 "Double Date" Luger


  1. Your "P40 Warhawk" is actually an early P-51B Mustang, before they had the bubble canopy.

    Here's a real P-40

  2. Man I hate being wrong. But, a little consolation for me, you are too.
    It is actually a C model.
    I checked the website and amazingly, it also says so, right below the canopy.
    Thanks, though,I never realized how much the canopy makes a difference in the silhouette of an airframe.